Website Design

Your website is your front door. It should be appealing, directing, welcoming, and clear. Websites are used as a place to gather information, contact someone with questions, and get a good understanding for what the business provides.

Set yourself apart with a website that is clean, is easy to navigate, is appealing for visitors, loads quickly, works on any device, and is a magnet for new visitor traffic.


  • Have a personalized website of 2-5 pages designed – Contact for a quote.
    • This can include a ‘Home’ page, ‘About’ page, ‘Contact’ page, blog, calendar, products/services descriptions, etc.
  • Personalized visual content for your website – Contact for a quote.
    • Have photos and videos created for your website showing behind the scenes processes, day to day activities, the mission that drives your business, or getting to know the employees.
  • Marketing or SEO optimized written content – Contact for a quote.
    • Display content that has personality, communicates the need for the product/service, and gives direction to visitors toward a sale.
    • Populate your site with content that will land your website higher on Google search results and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Online shop or payment method – $98
    • Insert an online shop into your website.
    • Or allow your customers to pay for services, products, subscriptions, or classes through your website with an online payment method.
  • In-site blog – $75
    • Set your WordPress site up for blogging.
    • This includes a lesson on using a blog to drive traffic to your website.