Social Media Marketing

Constant connection, brand transparency and visual impressions are the way of the web.

Be visual. When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% three days later.

Social media is your key to success in the digital age we live in.


Get Set Up on Social

  • Social media accounts that are personalized to your brand, style, voice and marketing goals
  • One-on-one lessons to learn how to use your new social media accounts:
    • how to post on them
    • how to schedule automatic posting
    • how to add/follow other accounts that will boost your sales
    • how to add or change your profile/cover photos
    • how to create events that will engage your customers with your business
    • how to change settings on your page
  • $50 per social media account


Social Media Level-up

  • Define a goal for your social media marketing efforts
  • Define your audience on the social platform and how to connect with them
  • Create an ongoing plan for how often you post, the themes/content you post, the style/voice of the content you post
  • $60 per social media account


Set up, but not sure how to use it? Get a personalized lesson that fits your needs:

  • A Lesson on Facebook
    • Learn how to use
    • Define your Facebook target market and their needs. Learn how to market to their needs. Define your style and voice according to your market
    • Learn how often to post, when to post, and how to share content from other sources
    • Learn how to interact with customers using surveys, promotions, events, live video and visual content
  • A Lesson on Instagram
    • Learn how to use
    • Define your Instagram target market and their needs. Learn how to market to their needs. Define your style and voice according to your market
    • Come up with five themes of content that emotionally connect with your target market
    • Learn how to play to your customers’ visual appeal with “tiling”
    • Learn how to interact with your followers to gain their trust and create stronger relationships
    • Learn how often and when you should post
  • Master Content Curation
    • Quick and easy ways to edit visual content that supports your brand with a consistent look, draws attention from your market, and adds to your brand’s style
    • One-on-one lesson on creating infographics and other promotional content
    • What tools are you missing? After evaluating your personal needs, learn about smartphone apps and online tools that can help you meet your business goals
  • Contact for a quote


Visual Content

  • Photography/Videography Session
    • Present your company on social media on a professional and approachable level with personalized content that shows your employees, your products, or behind-the-scenes workings that make your customers feel like part of the team
    • Video and photos stir emotional connection with a company’s products and mission- making customers more loyal to you and your brand
    • Have visual content created showing behind the scenes processes, day to day activities, the mission that drives your business, or getting to know the employees
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