Wellness Essential Kit – RMO essential oils


From joint pain to headaches, sore muscles to the flu..essential oils can be your natural remedy! These blends will boost your immune system, protect you during the sick season, and support you in your under-the-weather moments.

It’s the little organic doctor’s office kept right in your medicine cabinet!

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From Rocky Mountain Oils product page:

Keep your family healthy and comfortable with RMO’s best all-natural essential oils and blends for promoting well-being!

Caution: Please follow the links to each of the oils in the Components section for more information on proper use. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Flu-Time 15ml (Bolster)

Migraine Support 15ml

Helichrysum gymnocephalum 5ml

Lavender 15ml

Tea Tree 15ml

Joint Support 15ml

Nerve Support 15ml

See Rocky Mountain Oils product page here.

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