Cleaning Kit – RMO essential oils


Conventional cleaning products like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, all-surface cleaners, and air fresheners can be loaded with harsh chemicals our bodies have to process. It can be quite shocking to realize how much of this we absorb throughout the day and the affects this can have on our health.

Just these three essential oil blends can replace all these cleaners and more! This is a big step toward a healthy, toxin-free and chemical-free household.

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From Rocky Mountain Oils product page:

Rocky Mountain Oils’ Cleaning Kit unites our three signature Cleaning Collection blends to help you clean the entire house without a single chemical cleaning agent. This natural approach to cleaning is cost effective and a healthy, safe choice for your family.

Purify has a bright, fresh aroma and is an excellent choice to refresh the air in your home. Diffuse this oil to clean the air and remove unsavory scents caused by pets, failed cooking experiments, members of the household and general mishaps.

Loads of Fun is the laundry blend you never knew you needed. Apply a few drops to dryer balls or a cloth washcloth and use in lieu of a chemical dryer sheet. Loads of Fun kills static and adds a bright scent your whole family will love.

Minty Clean smells like your favorite mint chewing gum and is a powerful all-surface cleaner. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spread the minty goodness around the house while cleaning countertops and sinks!

See Rocky Mountain Oils product page here.

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