Website Design Portfolio

A subscription platform serving musicians. This site was set up as a landing page selling to new visitors and an engaging tool for returning subscribers. It sets an energetic and creative tone, making Zyona’s target customers feel at home on their site. The site features a subscription program, allowing subscribers to choose one of three subscriptions. They then create their own profile where they can download their favorite of Zyona’s music offerings and upload their own music for the public to see.

A multi-faceted site serving three business run by Sheri Mabry. Each business is visually separated, making it clear to viewers and easy to navigate. The site displays yoga classes in two formats– by calendar and type of class. Clients are able to sign up for classes and pay through the site. The site features a store with the capability to complete payment through various platforms and collect shipping information. Also featuring a blog, the site was set up to be easily understood by the owner, giving her the freedom to add blogs and update information or photos when needed.

Three smaller projects serving a debate team in Milwaukee, a health products e-commerce shop, and online tools for a student organization.