Wondering about common lavender oil uses? Maybe you’re new to oils. You may have bought your first started pack and wondered, how can I use lavender? Or you’ve used essential oils for years but lavender is just so good you want to know how to use it more often.

Lavender essential oil is often one of the first oils bought by those who are new to essential oils. It’s generally considered safe, and there are endless ways the oil can be used.

Well here’s a list of common and perhaps not so common lavender oil uses.

Lavender Oil Uses:

1. Calming

Diffusing or using the wafting method (dropping 2-3 drops in your palms and cupping them in front of your face) will calm the nerves and relax the brain. Because lavender has a calming affect on the amygdala gland (where emotions are released), your emotions and mind will come to a more relaxed and balanced state. You can also dilute and rub the oil on pulse points of the body to relax your body and muscles.

2. Sleep

Lavender is also great for use as a sleep aid. Many like to drip this calming oil over their pillow and rub into their hair or behind the ears to help fall asleep!

3. Nauseau or Motion Sickness

You can use Lavender on your neck, behind the ears or around the naval to calm an upset stomach and the feeling of nauseau.

4. Dry Skin

Lavender is great for calming and relieving dry skin. Dilute with a carrier oil and rub into patches of dry skin.

5. Chapped or Sunburned Lips

Using a carrier oil, I like to use Lavender when my lips are dry and chapped.

6. Dandruff

Many beauty products already use the benefits of Lavender oil for hair care. Take a few drops and rub into scalp with a carrier oil for healthier hair and a relieved scalp.

7. Eczema/Dermatitis

Using a nut or vegetable carrier oil, mix with several drops of Lavender and apply to skin with these conditions. It can be quite a relief!

8. Bee Sting/Insect Bite

Essential oil users like to use a drop of Lavender on a bug bite or Sting to stop itching and reduce swelling.

9. Cuts

Lavender oil will stop a cut from bleeding, clean the wound, and kill any surrounding bacteria. Just drop a couple drops on the cut.

10. Minor Burns

If you’ve burned yourself on the stove or sat out in the sun too long, Lavender can help with that, too! It will decrease pain and swelling, and reduce the chance of scarring.

11. Nosebleed

In the unfortunate even of a nosebleed lavender comes to the rescue! A drop of Lavender on a tissue, wrapped around a small ice cube and then pressed up under your top lip to the base of your nose will ease or stop the bleeding. Careful, don’t freeze your lip in the process!

12. Cold Sores

Put a drop of Lavender on the cold sore to aid the healing and ease any irritation.

13. Hay Fever

Diffuse or use the inhalation method with Lavender essential oil in your palms to help ease Hay Fever symptoms.

Try These 18 Lavender Oil Uses

Now you know! Lavender is truly a necessity in any essential oil collection. It’s safe, appealing, and extremely versatile in it’s uses. Grab your Lavender oil from a trusted essential oil company like Rocky Mountain Oils. They are the company I support and trust.

Happy sniffing!

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