Taste is a sense I often forget to explore with. Some people are food fanatics and love to use taste as a way to delve into new cultures, traditions, festivals, countries, and holidays. I think we can learn from them. Food is just another way to bring a little “spice” into our lives (pun intended). Because life doesn’t ever have to be drab!

Vegetarian and Vegan cooking can be especially fun, because it forces us to explore new cuisines, spices, and techniques of cooking. Many cuisines outside the U.S. traditionally lean toward Vegetarian and Vegan. I’ve found a lot of these meals use spice and preparation that bring out the natural flavors of the vegetables, fruits, and grains instead of covering them up- you’d never imagine you could fall in love with veggies so fast! Many vegetarian recipes also include little tips for trading in healthier ingredients making it easy to pick up healthy eating habits along the way.

Vegetarian food is fun to explore new flavors with..but sometimes you just want a good ol’ lasagna, pot pie, or bowl of gumbo. It’s comfort food! It’s the classics. It’s what we grew up with. And you can’t cut out childhood favorites. That’s why, with starting this series of weekly vegetarian/vegan recipes, I’m including one classic comfort food recipe, one flavor excursion recipe, and one easy snack for between meals.

Cooking isn’t your strength? Or even something you enjoy? Yeah, me too! Cooking is, unfortunately, not one of my strengths. It’s definitely something that, with practice, you can get better at and learn to love- but as of right now, I heavily rely on those who so graciously share their recipes with easy-to-follow steps for those of us that are challenged in the kitchen..me!

That’s why for my recipes, I will be sharing a short blurb about each and then including a link and photo (with proper credit) sending you to the site of the individual who wrote the recipe. I am a firm believer in lifting others up for their unique strengths and labors! So if you decide to share, be sure to also give proper credit for the original author.

Good luck and have fun with it! Cooking can be whatever you make it– a social activity, a creative activity or artistic expression, honoring a family member or tradition, or a discovery of other cultures from the ease of your own kitchen. Let’s play!

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