Sometimes we are faced with a problem and as simple as it might seem, you’re stuck in a rut of thinking that just won’t come to any realistic conclusion. Maybe you just need a new perspective. just need to put on new thinking hats!

Wether it’s figuring out how you’re going to fit everything into your schedule this week or it’s how you’re going to break into a new market that your company has been missing out on for years..coming into a perspective you don’t normally reside in could assist you in seeing opportunities or risks you hadn’t seen before.

So get ready to solve some problems!

Six Problem-Solving “Thinking Hats”:


The facts.


The value and the benefits.

Devil’s Advocate

The difficulties and dangers.


Feelings and intuitions.


Possibilities and new ideas.


Making sure the rules of the hats are observed.

So there you have it! If you’re on a team, each take on one hat, challenging the others to your set of priorities for the moment. Don’t worry, once you switch hats you can voice your thoughts on another perspective!

This can be especially helpful if you’re working on your own. When you get stuck in the rut of one way of thinking– it can cost you a quite effective solution. Try on these different hats and really commit to them for the moment. You’ll realize things you never could’ve seen before!


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