SCAMPER is used by many professionals to expand and improve upon their ideas. It uses different angles to test and ask questions about the situation at hand. Here’s a test run.

Trying to find the silver lining, but there just doesn’t seem to be one?

“There has to be a way to solve this.”

“Why can’t I figure this out?”

“My brain just isn’t working today.”

Sound familiar? Maybe you just need to shake the kinks out a bit– look at the problem from a different angle or play with it for awhile.

Try using SCAMPER to solve your next problem:

I’m using the example of a lemonade stand.


What would happen if we swapped strawberry lemonade out for blackberry lemonade? Or lavender? Or orange juice?


What if we combined strawberry and blackberry lemonade? Or lemonade and tea?


What would we have to change to adapt the lemonade flavor to a new market? i.e. if we sell on a college campus vs. a neighborhood with young families? Would we have to offer sugar free? Or more health benefits vs flavors children would like?


What could we modify to make it more valuable? Add a lemon slice to the rim? Freeze and blend the lemonade into slushies? Freshly squeeze it in front of the customer?

Put to Another Use

What other uses could our lemonade have? Could we bottle it and sell the lemon juice as a salad dressing, natural hair lightener, or room freshener?


What can we remove to simplify it? We could remove the preservatives or sweetener? Maybe we could sell straight lemon juice cups as a healthy alternative to lemonade?


How can we reorganize to make this more effective? We could have a sign-up sheet out for preorders to pickup later in the week. Or custom orders with specific flavors? Or instead of having the lemonade made already, we could have the sugar, blackberry juice, lemon juice, strawberry juice, lavender flavor, etc at the stand and mix it according to what the customer wants?

Try SCAMPER for Yourself

So now that we all have ideas to go out and start the next best lemonade can you use SCAMPER to solve a problem you are facing? Good luck and have fun with it! Some of the best ideas come from dreaming wild and big.


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