Want to work your creative muscles in a way that can be put to use? Take a quick 5 minutes for this tutorial on writing calligraphy style (using just a plain old pen) and you’ll step your sticky notes, birthday cards, and grocery lists up to a whole new level!

I work at a coffee shop. Sometimes we draw labels for plates of bakery or write little “reserved” signs for tables. We like to do cutesy little extras like draw happy birthday wishes on cups. It’s fun! ..except that I can’t draw. or write in calligraphy. and I usually write in cursive, so my printing looks like a 5-year-old’s stick figures.

But at last! With this quick trick I found, my labels won’t call for chuckles and squinting and “what does that say, now?” Perhaps, now I can graduate to the “artsy barista”?

Here’s your 5-minute crash course on faux calligraphy:

1. Write your cute little note in cursive (this may take some practice and/or referring back to second grade curriculum).

2. Here’s the main trick. On all of the down-strokes, that is all the the places your pen would travel down toward the bottom of the page, you draw a second line next to your first. This makes your down-strokes look a tad thicker.

If you ask me, this is pretty cool looking on it’s own! You could stop here for a trendy spin on cursive..or move on to finish the full calligraphy look.

3. Fill in everywhere you drew the second line..and voila! You’ve successfully fooled everyone into thinking you’re a super detail-oriented, artsy chicka. 🙂

Happy faux calligraphy note taking, card writing, and grocery list writing! Artsy on.

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