Content Design Portfolio

Business Card Design

Zyona wanted a modern, feminine and approachable feel to their brand. The colorful logo against a white background introduces modern minimalism to chick professionalism.

Business Card Design

Sheri Mabry, who serves her clients in yoga, writing workshops and handcrafted jewelry, was looking for a fresh, peaceful feel to her brand that reflected the energies of nature.

Scrolling Header Design

A scrolling website header to highlight the best of Camp Halcyon’s activities encouraging viewers to sign up for this summer’s events.

Logo Design

Zyona, an online program that serves musicians and music producers, asked for energy, creativity, and femininity in a modern tech fashion.

Business Card Design

My own business card design reflects the bright and energetic clarity I bring to my business and clients.

Printed Scarf Design

A design, inspired by a client’s photo, for a printed silk scarf.

Travel Brochure Design

A travel brochure designed to highlight main attractions and incorporate the fantastic colors of this beautiful island country.