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Fresh, Fueling, Finger-Licking — Give Thanks, Veg-style

Tired of Thanksgiving being all about the turkey? It doesn’t have to be! With all the dishes being passed around the table there’s plenty of room for some good veg-friendly delights..or shall we call them future family favorites in the making!


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Some Tex-Mex Flair

Tex-Mex brings a unique mix of American and Mexican food that sends our tastebuds for a stroll through southern Texas. The mix of spice, color, and aroma in this cuisine will be an experience for more than your tongue!


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Autumn Comforts

Autumn is a time of change, beauty, the end of summer, the beginning of school years, and a chill in the air. Sometimes all we need is the warm comfort of savory spiced dishes. Read on for a Veggie Pot Pie, Stuffed Acorn Squash, and Carrot Spice Muffins! 


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — That Fall Feeling

It’s starting to feel like fall! Ingredients like pumpkin, apples, squash, and cinnamon bring a certain excitement for the season. The colors on our plates start to resemble the changing of leaves- burnt orange, a soft brown, olive green, and cardinal red. The cooler nights inspire warming spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cumin. Ready for some spicy and savory Fall food?


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Juicy Summer Sammies

No summer is complete without a go-to sandwich for the beach, a picnic, or road-trip to grandma’s. Spice up your sammie game with some of these Vegetarian/Vegan spins on juicy sandwich classics like a Vegan Tempeh Rueben sandwich, South African Grilled Cheese, and even Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas to crunch on.


How to Detox and Recover From Antibiotics

I recently was prescribed a week’s worth of antibiotics. And while I couldn’t avoid taking them, I was in the middle of writing my post on living toxin-free and was wondering how these antibiotics were possibly affecting me. Here’s what I found..


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Summer Evening on the Patio

Fresh, light, and satisfying, these meals are perfect to share on the patio on a warm summer’s eve. The reflection of bright summer garden colors in these foods will bring a twinkle to your eye and a rumble to your tummy.


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking

Taste is a sense I often forget to explore with. Some people are food fanatics and love to use taste as a way to delve into new cultures, traditions, festivals, countries, and holidays. I think we can learn from them. Food is just another way to bring a little “spice” into our lives (pun intended). Because life doesn’t ever have to be drab!

8 Healthy Breads that Contribute to Your Health

Ever walk down the bread aisle? It’s insane! How many varieties of “white bread” do we need? The amount of options is overwhelming. Some people have sworn off bread altogether, but its been found that those who eat whole grain bread have lower risk of heart disease and cancer than those who don’t eat bread at all. So if we’ve decided we like bread, … Read More 8 Healthy Breads that Contribute to Your Health