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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Enjoy Different Music

Did you know that experiencing and learning to enjoy different music and new genres makes you more open-minded, understanding, and a better problem-solver? Let’s plug those earphones in and go on an adventure!

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Creative Problem-Solving: Six Thinking Hats

Sometimes we are faced with a problem and as simple as it might seem, you’re stuck in a rut of thinking that just won’t come to any realistic conclusion. Maybe you just need a new perspective. just need to put on new thinking hats!

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Creative Problem-Solving: SCAMPER

SCAMPER is used by many professionals to expand and improve upon their ideas. It uses different angles to test and ask questions about the situation at hand. Here’s a test run.

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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Write a Haiku

Learn how to write a Haiku! Remember way back to high school english class when you learned about poems and alliteration, personification and haikus? You never thought you’d reallyy ever use it..did you? Well, turns out, these are great tools to get your out-of-the-box creative juices flowing!

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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Faux Calligraphy!

Want to work your creative muscles in a way that can be put to use? Take a quick 5 minutes for this tutorial on writing calligraphy style (using just a plain old pen) and you’ll step your sticky notes, birthday cards, and grocery lists up to a whole new level!