Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — That Fall Feeling

It’s starting to feel like fall! Ingredients like pumpkin, apples, squash, and cinnamon bring a certain excitement for the season. The colors on our plates start to resemble the changing of leaves- burnt orange, a soft brown, olive green, and cardinal red. The cooler nights inspire warming spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cumin. Ready for some spicy and savory Fall food? Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — That Fall Feeling”

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Essential Oils for Allergies

Suffering from allergies and just want some relief? Here’s a list of essential oils for allergies to get the natural relief you may be– achoo! –desperate for. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Allergies”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Juicy Summer Sammies

No summer is complete without a go-to sandwich for the beach, a picnic, or road-trip to grandma’s. Spice up your sammie game with some of these Vegetarian/Vegan spins on juicy sandwich classics like a Vegan Tempeh Rueben sandwich, South African Grilled Cheese, and even Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas to crunch on. Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Juicy Summer Sammies”


Natural Bug Spray

I don’t know about you..but here in Wisconsin the bugs are ravenous! We had three weeks of flash-flood thunderstorms and all that water brought the mosquitoes swarming. Most of us haven’t seen anything like it!

As we are all fighting the swarms to get to our cars and let the dog out the back door, bug spray seems SO enticing! But did you know what’s in conventional bug spray? It’s not good..to be honest, after reading what was in my sunscreen and deodorant I wasn’t surprised. There are natural alternatives that work well, too, but if you’re not yet convinced here are some scary facts I recently came across! Continue reading “Natural Bug Spray”

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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Faux Calligraphy!

Want to work your creative muscles in a way that can be put to use? Take a quick 5 minutes for this tutorial on writing calligraphy style (using just a plain old pen) and you’ll step your sticky notes, birthday cards, and grocery lists up to a whole new level! Continue reading “5-Minute Creative Exercise: Faux Calligraphy!”


How to Detox and Recover From Antibiotics

I recently was prescribed a week’s worth of antibiotics. And while I couldn’t avoid taking them, I was in the middle of writing my post on living toxin-free and was wondering how these antibiotics were possibly affecting me. Here’s what I found.. Continue reading “How to Detox and Recover From Antibiotics”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Summer Evening on the Patio

Fresh, light, and satisfying, these meals are perfect to share on the patio on a warm summer’s eve. The reflection of bright summer garden colors in these foods will bring a twinkle to your eye and a rumble to your tummy. Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Summer Evening on the Patio”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking

Taste is a sense I often forget to explore with. Some people are food fanatics and love to use taste as a way to delve into new cultures, traditions, festivals, countries, and holidays. I think we can learn from them. Food is just another way to bring a little “spice” into our lives (pun intended). Because life doesn’t ever have to be drab! Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking”

8 First Steps to Living Toxin-Free

We are exposed to an unbelievable amount of chemicals throughout the day. Researchers say on average we’re exposed to 700,000-2 million on a daily basis. With that many chemicals, it seems side effects could be just about anything: common symptoms of toxicity inlcude fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus congestion, postnasal drip, excessive sinus problems, headaches, bloating, digestive problems, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, food cravings, skin problems, acne, menstrual disorders, dark circles under eyes..you’ll have it all!

Toxic chemicals are everywhere. Quite honestly, they’re challenging to avoid in full, but we can do our best to avoid what we know there are chemical-free alternatives to. When I started to focus on trying to avoid this overload of hazardous and foreign substances to my body, I listed what I wanted to find in these products: Continue reading “8 First Steps to Living Toxin-Free”


Visual Cues and Visualization: a Piece in Being Mindful

With long days full of challenges, switching gears, and dinner plans you probably can’t remember what you had for breakfast, let alone the personal goals you set this morning. Not making progress with being more mindful, optimistic or focused? Do you find those positivity exercises would be more beneficial in the afternoon than in the morning? How can we really stay on track with positive mindset changes throughout the day? Continue reading “Visual Cues and Visualization: a Piece in Being Mindful”

8 Healthy Breads that Contribute to Your Health

Ever walk down the bread aisle? It’s insane! How many varieties of “white bread” do we need? The amount of options is overwhelming. Some people have sworn off bread altogether, but its been found that those who eat whole grain bread have lower risk of heart disease and cancer than those who don’t eat bread at all.

So if we’ve decided we like bread, what kind of bread should we buy?? What’s actually good for us and what’s just deceiving? I was curious!..here’s what I found. 😊

Continue reading “8 Healthy Breads that Contribute to Your Health”

Steps I Take When Gloom Descends

Yes, the gloom. It can come on slow and subtle, trickling in like a low fog. Or it can just show up one day, like it’s returned home from vacation, and you’re left wondering if there ever was a time you had a personality.. All around, it’s hard to deal with. It’s hard to get out of bed, hard to see the interest in small-talk, hard to be optimistic about much at all, hard to focus or find motivation, this gloom tends to taint any sort of average functioning a day in the life of a human requires..but, my loves, this doesn’t mean we are doomed for gloom!

Read on for 9 ways I turn the doom back on my gloom!

Continue reading “Steps I Take When Gloom Descends”