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Lavender Oil Uses

Wondering about common lavender oil uses? Maybe you’re new to oils. You may have bought your first started pack and wondered, how can I use lavender? Or you’ve used essential oils for years but lavender is just so good you want to know how to use it more often.

Lavender essential oil is often one of the first oils bought by those who are new to essential oils. It’s generally considered safe, and there are endless ways the oil can be used. Continue reading “Lavender Oil Uses”

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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Enjoy Different Music

Did you know that experiencing and learning to enjoy different music and new genres makes you more open-minded, understanding, and a better problem-solver? Let’s plug those earphones in and go on an adventure! Continue reading “5-Minute Creative Exercise: Enjoy Different Music”

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Essential Oils for Colds

Cold reason is right around the corner! While we all love to see the exciting first flurry of snow, it can come with a sniffle, sneeze, and a knock to our immune system. Read on for 11 essential oils for colds. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Colds”

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Creative Problem-Solving: Six Thinking Hats

Sometimes we are faced with a problem and as simple as it might seem, you’re stuck in a rut of thinking that just won’t come to any realistic conclusion. Maybe you just need a new perspective. Maybe..you just need to put on new thinking hats! Continue reading “Creative Problem-Solving: Six Thinking Hats”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-Licking — Give Thanks, Veg-style

Tired of Thanksgiving being all about the turkey? It doesn’t have to be! With all the dishes being passed around the table there’s plenty of room for some good veg-friendly delights..or shall we call them future family favorites in the making! Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-Licking — Give Thanks, Veg-style”

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Aromatherapy Benefits – 6 More!

Here’s some more good news..I found six more aromatherapy benefits you can add to your use of essential oils!

Found how easy it is to use essential oils for common day struggles and just can’t get enough of them? Welcome to the club! I’d take a whiff of these oils before ingesting pain killers or sleeping pills any day. Continue reading “Aromatherapy Benefits – 6 More!”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Some Tex-Mex Flair

Tex-Mex brings a unique mix of American and Mexican food that sends our tastebuds for a stroll through southern Texas. The mix of spice, color, and aroma in this cuisine will be an experience for more than your tongue! Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Some Tex-Mex Flair”

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What Essential Oils Help With Anxiety

While essential oils cannot cure anxiety or depression, they’ve been shown to help lower the symptoms and stress levels and offer relief. If so, you might be wondering what essential oils help with anxiety.

I don’t know about you, but if there’s a healthy way without side affects that I can lower my stress levels and relieve some anxiety I might be having in moments I have to be productive or present, I’m all in! Continue reading “What Essential Oils Help With Anxiety”

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Creative Problem-Solving: SCAMPER

SCAMPER is used by many professionals to expand and improve upon their ideas. It uses different angles to test and ask questions about the situation at hand. Here’s a test run. Continue reading “Creative Problem-Solving: SCAMPER”


Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Autumn Comforts

Autumn is a time of change, beauty, the end of summer, the beginning of school years, and a chill in the air. Sometimes all we need is the warm comfort of savory spiced dishes. Read on for a Veggie Pot Pie, Stuffed Acorn Squash, and Carrot Spice Muffins!  Continue reading “Fresh, Fueling, Finger-licking — Autumn Comforts”

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Aromatherapy Benefits

Aromatherapy benefits might be new to you. With so many benefits, opportunities for healing and oils to choose from it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. The best way to go about it is to just start learning from the top. Buckle up, because we are jumping into some of the most widely used aromatherapy benefits of essential oils! Continue reading “Aromatherapy Benefits”

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5-Minute Creative Exercise: Write a Haiku

Learn how to write a Haiku! Remember way back to high school english class when you learned about poems and alliteration, personification and haikus? You never thought you’d reallyy ever use it..did you? Well, turns out, these are great tools to get your out-of-the-box creative juices flowing! Continue reading “5-Minute Creative Exercise: Write a Haiku”