Learn how to write a Haiku! Remember way back to high school english class when you learned about poems and alliteration, personification and haikus? You never thought you’d reallyy ever use it..did you? Well, turns out, these are great tools to get your out-of-the-box creative juices flowing!

So what is a haiku, anyway? A haiku is a Japanese verse with just three lines (you didn’t think I’d keep you too long, did you?). The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables. It is a mood poem that doesn’t use any metaphors or similes and is often focused on nature or the seasons. So..what mood are you in?

Write A Haiku

Here’s the deal. To write a Haiku, begin by taking a good long look at the photo above. Imagine being there. What’s the atmosphere? What’s the mood? Now explain this in three short lines, counting syllables 5, 7, 5.

Here’s mine:

The fog rolled away

Sunshine broke the gloomy day

Sailboats rocked at bay


Here’s a Haiku by Basho Matsuo (1644-1694), known as the first great poet of Haiku.

An old silent pond…

A frog jumps into the pond,

splash! Silence again.

See, it can be goofy, fun, serious, anything you’re feeling in the moment!


Your Turn

Creative exercises can help improve your critical thinking skills, ability to focus, formation of original ideas, encourage your confidence when being faced with challenges or new projects, and be your motivation and inspiration throughout the week. That’s well worth a weekly five-minute creative exercise!

Now it’s time for you to write a haiku. It doesn’t have to rhyme, just follow the syllable count. Passing the baton onto you! What mood can you create from this photo?


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